Returning to optimisim and pragmatism

15 Apr

Hi all,

I made a rather rash decision and went to Morocco with my girlfriend for two weeks…spending more of my dwindling monies.

I think it’s one of the best investments I’ve made since I started the entrepreneurial journey. Did I rest my mind and body? No! But did I immerse myself fully in different, exciting challenges – haggling in souks, getting lost in medinas, freezing my nuts off in the desert? Hell yes! 

And that was probably more important that just ‘resting’ because I didn’t think about work for two weeks. 

It’s been quite a while since I started this journey and haven’t made a single penny, outside of my music. But I’m learning, a lot, and I’m very proud of myself to keep persevering, learning, and evolving every step of the way.


Just before I left for Morocco I lost my co-founder. It was extremely difficult, but we had different visions for the product, the dynamics of the team, and we had to part ways. I felt terrible and again alone with no-one to push the momentum forwards. But I’m still going.

So where am I at now? I’m focusing on two projects, with a third in the back of my head:


1) Remap: An app that integrates essential knowledge and therapeutic personal practises to help people to strengthen and enrich their mental well-being. I have a working prototype which will be on the google play store by the end of the week, and hopefully the iphone app store if it gets accepted. My webste for the app – will be live by tonight! 

From here I want to start getting some downloads, feedback, and reviews. 

While I’m doing this I’m going to be searching for a Technical Co-founder, a CTO, for the company who can develop the app themselves so that I have someone one board for the long run who won’t flake like our last paid developer, and will mean I won’t have to outsource the work and increase the risk of going bust – then we can get on with making version 2!


2) Music. My music is well! It’s definitely giving me a boost through the hard times of a start-up. I’m still doing a bit of my own acoustic singer/songwriter stuff a few times a month which brings in a little. The blues band I’m in called Smoken Joes is still going strong. We’re still doing pub gigs, with a few festivals taking us on. The rock band I’m in, 4th labyrinth, is shooting up and really getting exciting. Just before I left to Morocco we won the Cambridge Band Competition, got offered management with Butterfly 13 Management Consultants, and the lead singer’s friend, based in Germany is a tour manager for some big bands in Europe and is flying over to discuss with us our next steps…exciting stuff :D. Also my favourite band Full Measure which I played guitar and sang in recorded an EP last month – will give you the itunes link in my next post. For now you can listen to my favourite track we did, for free –

The third is just an idea, but I’m posting the opportunity on to see what quotes I get for the cost to make it. I can’t go into detail yet but it’s a new app to help shoppers find out stock easily for an item they might want in a shop. The difficulty I’m finding is how can I link my own app to a shops inventory with little or no hassle to the shop? So I’m posting on shop-tech forums and meeting some developer friends this week to get some help!


All in all things are going quite well. Although the money isn’t flowing in I think I’m getting there. I’ve learnt how to take an idea and get it out of just being a concept, the next stage is to making the next step to the product being top quality, where people really want to buy it. One thing I’ve realised is that in project management there isn’t simply take the idea and make it and sell it there are LOTS of steps inbetween these, all of them with their challenges, and each one of them making you stronger in so many aspects of life.


So those of you walking your path don’t get too bogged down if you realise the distance takes a few more steps than you first expected 🙂

Happy stepping!


Progressions and prospects

5 Mar







once again apologies are required for the delay in this post. I have written draft after draft over this last month, but unfortunately it’s always seemed to contain A lot of swear words and complaining… Too many maybe to post here and still seem at least semi professional. 

If you’ve been following this blog from the start then you’ll know this journey has already been going on for quite a while.

Although I feel like things are going slowly some pretTy great stuff has happened – I’ve got a prototype for my app made , a co-founder who’s a senior manager at jp Morgan and want to help make this idea a reality. And an existing therapy service have shown interest in using our app in their work and sharing the profits!


it can be really good writing this blog when I’m in the right mood. Now I can be reflective and realise progress is being made. The day to day problem is that I forget all this and ask myself what the hell am I doing still making no profit while all my friends are out there making more and living a life outside of work!!

my music is similarly going slowly, but my band ( Has just gotten into battle of the bands final and I’m still doing my acoustic gigs to stay afloat – you can see one of the posters I had done on here. 


Ive be has a lot of problems over the last month – prototype developers asking for more money , personal motivation, getting into a good flow with my cofounder, abd so much more. This isn’t an easy journey but I knew this is how it could be at the start, and now  said id be ready .. Now my bluffs just being called!




happy persevering!


Tools for a start-up – most useful post yet

27 Jan

Hey prospective innovation army!

I know I’ve been ranting recently about all the hard bloody things I’ve been having to work on .. even after all my whining there are still some of you left who are reading these things. So as a reward – this is probably my most useful post yet – some websites/services/tools I wish I knew about when I first started. Things you can use to help get through all these huge, confusing, and to be honest scary areas of a startup like market research, advertising, web presence, forming teams, negotiations, contracts, project management, legal, equity, blah, blagh, blahhhhh.

Here’s the back of an important looking young white professional infront of a load of bad drawings on a blackboard to help illustrate my point

Fig. 1 – the back of an important looking young white professional infront of a load of badly organised drawings on a blackboard to help illustrate my point

Keep in mind these are all tools for LEAN start-ups like myself – not those with 100’s of k’s to rent Richard Branson dressed as a woman to advertise it. (Btw these aren’t commissioned links below..just links I think are gooood for the money).


This is a website where you can get a number of services for just $5…..yup $5!!! So far I’ve gotten someone in London to design me a logo for MoodMap, a couple in Romania to make a 90 second promotional video, and some crazy American guy to shout about my music on his radio show for one minute – cost $15!! And you’d think the quality would be bad? Make sure you only go with ‘top sellers’ and you will get something good.

2) I just discovered this today. If you haven’t already gotten into a startup then this might not seem all that great, but I can assure you once you realise all the things that need doing this will be the most incredible tool to help you find the right places to get sh*t done           (click on the wizard’s hat)

Loads of info, but it’s all great


Want to see how well your competition are doing online, or how well your own is doing? Simply type in the web address and they’ll givr you the stats behind it


4b) Key word tools

Tbh I can’t find the one I used to use – but most tools are great like this – you want to find out how many people are searching on google a specific word or phras? Type in the word/phrase and the tool will tell you how often it’s been searched this month. e.g.

..obvs good if you’re running a website that gets lots of traffic – they put ads on your website, you get money. Simple


Try the free trial – A simple and user friendly way of project management – just started using it today but seems like it’ll be very useful indeed!

Alright, short and sweet. I hope some of you found it useful. I’m heading back into the woods now to find more profit!

Happy tooling!

Feeling at home – finding the right workspace

21 Jan

~Hey everyone,


Two posts in one week…I know, impressive!

I’ve decided to move back to my old office where I used to work. The guys here have been kind enough to keep a desk for me here because they missed me so much.
If you’ve read my recent posts you’ll know I’ve been a bit down – coming across many challenges – both external and internal.

Since I’ve moved back into this office – everyone’s a lot calmer, quiet, and focused – I’ve finally started getting back into the groove! I’ve gotten back into my old habit of writing out to do lists each day, prioritising them, and whatever’s left at the end of the day I leave to join tomorrow’s to do list. This is much better than before when I was taking work home with me every evening! I feel much more grounded, efficient, and back into a good routine.

So a very important thing to note – your environment has a HUGH effect on how productive, creative, and optimistic one can be.

I’ve realised for me to work well I need to be around people who I can talk with sometimes about problems, but aren’t always talking and making lots of noise, I do very well not working from home and having to exercise to get to the workspace and back at the end of the day, and also working somewhere where I’m not always feeling the pressure and can relax is important to me.


Working out the right environment to work in can take a while, but being aware of this can really help productivity. It’s definitely helped mine!

Find your right work space. Try new ones, but if they don’t work out always go back to the environment you feel you work best 😀

Happy nesting!

Finding your feet, again and again (discipline and belief)

16 Jan

Happy New Year!

It’s been a while! I’ve been putting all of my energy solidly into MoodMap, and have finally kicked my self up the bum to write a post here.

I hope you’ve all made some great new year resolutions, and striving to keep at them, whatever they may be. Mine is to keep believing and striving (I now like the word striving).

Before I get into what I’ve been doing, to make sure all new readers are up to date. I’m focusing solely on MoodMap – an interactive and engaging app to help people to flourish in their mental well-being, and providing practises and support to those suffering from mild-moderate anxiety/depression.

I’ve put to rest BlueSkies collaboration ( to focus on MoodMap – but to leave on a high note I was invited to lead a 2-hour workshop at the Cambridge Conservation Forum Symposium – using the BlueSkiesc structure for approx. 100 conservation leaders and specialists. It was an AMAZING step up, and feel happy to put it to rest for some time with quite a big accomplishment!

So I took just two days off for holidays over the winter period – Xmas day and NY day – so yes I’m pretty tired and stressed, and want to chuck MoodMap in the bin every other day. I’ve hired a developer to make me a prototype (me doing the design for now to save money). It took a LOT of negotiating over the contract for development, which was a week of a bloody load of stress, but we finally agreed on a price which we’re all happy with and he’s full steam ahead.

Because I’ve realised it will take a LOT of money to get the full app made, I’ve had to just go for a prototype with just one of the features for now, and then use this to go for crowdfunding to raise the rest. So once the crowdfunding profile is up I’ll let all you generous people know 😀

This last month, with a great deal of challenges in costs, contracts, a new co-founder, finding more and more similar products every day, it takes a certain skill, which I’m hoping I’m getting better at — to stand back and admit I’m not on the right path, or I’m going the wrong way, and tweak the direction I’m going in.

This might not sound hard but when it’s you making the decisions, taking the initiative, and ultimately realising you’ve already dedicated 3 months of 50 hour weeks, it can come in blows to realise when you’ve been wasting your time on one area of things, or have wasted a week doing something wrong, etc.

Sometimes it comes to the point where you’re asking yourself what has been the point in doing this? Not a single penny has come in, and things still aren’t progressing fluently, and you want to give up and go back to working under someone else – who can ultimately take responsibility for giving you money, providing you the comfort of telling you what you’re worth, and what needs to be done. And I want to say people working in companies, etc – that’s completely legit and awesome if you enjoy it (don’t want this to turn into some uppity post where I start telling you all that my farts smell better than employed people) – this is to keep my fellow enterprisers motivated – It takes a great deal of discipline, humility, and belief to stumble back onto your feet and realign your sights to the horizon. I think every time one does this they get better at it.


So- what is this post about again? Ah yeh – so recap on MoodMap – It’s been a tough month with a lot of challenges, unsurity, and heads in hand – really not sure this is going to work, and incredibly frustrated that I’m not generating any kind of income (Except music which brings in enough!).

Even though there’s a lot of doubt in the air my mentors (at the Cambridge Accelerator Program), friends, and my girlfriend constantly remind me that even though there’s nothing to show yet I’m learning an incredible amount about team-building, project management, vision, budgeting, contracts, constructive feedback, and resilience.

I’ve moved back from the Cambridge Accelerator Program office back to my old office with some old co-workers (they keep a desk for me :)), so that I can be away from all the noise and fast pace of the ‘entrepreneurial’ world so that I can sit down with a giant to do list and my sights to my better senses of where the horizon may be, and get it done.

Happy stumbling!

Talking about thin air

4 Dec

Apologies to everyone for the long delay in this post!!! I’ll try and make it a good one to make up for the lost weeks.

A lot of things have happened, some good, some not so good. I’ll share what’s being going on and what I’ve learned from it (Two VERY important lessons for people looking to start their own venture).


So I’m focusing pretty much solely on this app for helping people with depression/anxiety. I decided to change the name to MoodMap after getting a lot of feedback that LifePets sounded too childish, and this is getting a lot better reception from those I talk to about it.


Now one of the lessons – talking about it! – It’s been about three months since I’ve gotten onto the Cambridge Accelerator Program and have been working on the concept of MoodMaps full time. A lot of great things have progressed – i.e I’ve created a massive, full storyboard, requirements doc (document for a programmer describing click by click what the user can do on each screen), and half way through completing the script. For a normal game this would be hard, but for one that requires professional, grounded, well researched integration of therapeutic concepts and explanations it’s taken a lot of work and time to get this done. So I’m pretty damn proud of myself for that.

Don’t worry I’m getting to the lesson – I’ve created these documents, I’ve networked my bum off so now I have MindTech considering backing us, two mental health institutions with letters of intent to carry out clinical trials and/or focus groups, and a number of counselling services who would like to pilot the app for their patients. This is all great, but I haven’t got anything made yet – literally nothing.


Here’s why – putting together the right team is HARD! I had a programmer and designer and figured “right I have the right job titles in the team, now it’s going to work perfectly”. This is wrong. Finding the right team is hard and should take time and a lot of consideration for each team member’s personality, style, understanding of concept. I rushed in to grabbing whoever I could because I assumed if I like the people then their work would be great. Unfortunately that wasn’t so and I had to let one of them go almost straight after we started creating the prototype because all of their work was good, but wasn’t right for this product. Because I’m sinking my own money into this I have to be very careful and couldn’t keep paying them till they got it right.


So it’s still back to square one. I’m still talking about thin air. It’s incredibly frustrating, but a great learning curve. When I start the next venture, be it one year, two years, after doing market research the first thing I’m going to do is to get something made!!!



This month I’ll be focusing on just this so I’ll let you know how it goes in trying to re-construct the right team and get something made. I’ll also be looking for extra funding from grants, awards, and busking.


The two lessons here: Get the RIGHT TEAM, and MAKE SOMETHING!


Happy making 😀

Take a step back

29 Oct

Already today I’ve had a handful of comments on how tired and stressed I looked – I try to explain it’s the beard (and the inevitable itchiness it brings) that is creating this impression for people.

In some ways they’re right – I am pretty tired; working days and band rehearsals in the evenings. What if I don’t have rehearsal one night? – I tend to head back to the office or have a meeting with someone to advance BlueSkies or LifePets.

My name is John – I’m a workaholic –



I admit it – I’m enjoying the work, and am very focused on progressing every day. It feels great each time I take another step towards creating a successful enterprise.

The problem is recently I’ve been spending so many hours at it (my next post will describe what IT actually is that I’ve been doing recently) that I suddenly found myself bogged down with the nitty gritty of all the tasks and not really getting anywhere.

For example in the game I’m developing I’m having to draw the storyboard of the prototype for our programmer so he can get to creating the game itself. I was adamant to include a very detailed and long tutorial with a storyline that will engage the user. Not only would this require a lot of time for myself, the mental health professionals on board, our designer, and programmer (ending up costing me a lot!) but it would mean that it would take a lot longer to get even the prototype complete – let alone getting the final product out to market.

So after a day of sitting there and just telling myself all I need to do is to work harder and this will get done in the same time I finally realised what needed to be done (and needs to be done regularly).

I took a step back

Instead of insanely thinking “this needs to be done, then this has to be done” ad infinitum, I sat back and said to myself “what needs to be done? – In less than three sentences?”  — “I need to have a prototype developed that can show potential customers what we offer, and something we can build on to complete as the final product” BOOM, one sentence!

So did I need a 60 page storyboard for the prototype? No. I need a 15 page one that can show off effectively the value of the product – 5 mins sitting back and checking what really needs to get done = a whole evening I don’t have to do any work; watch game of thrones.

I’ve got a quick story that taught me the same thing in a different way.

I was on holiday earlier in the year with some old friends. Near our flat was a small island with a lighthouse on it. Three of us wanted to swim out there.

So one day we set off. It took us about an hour and a half eventually. In our first 30 mins two of us tried to go as fast as we could. We looked at where the lighthouse was when we started swimming and then kept our heads down for long periods of time as we swam as hard as we could – we just wanted to get there as quickly as possible.

The other one of us did breast stroke – keeping his eyes firmly on his goal, the lighthouse. The two of us quickly got out infront, but because we kept our heads down a lot the current kept taking us off course and we swam in a direction that wasn’t directly towards our desired destination. Each time we realised this we had to change our direction and make up for lost time we spent going the wrong way. Half way there we realised the third guy was making distance as well as we were, and had spent less energy doing so.

So, at that point we learned from him, and as a three we swam hard, periodically looking up and making sure we were headed straight for where we wanted to go. We got there in good time with less wasted energy. What if we had have not looked up at all ? (like we all do some times in situations in our lives) – we might have been to far away by then to even reach the lighthouse.

In enterprises it is important to often take a step back, look up, and make sure you’re on track and not going off course. If the goal changes, as indeed it does sometimes, that’s fine. You don’t need to religiously lock eyes on a target and get there regardless of developments in the situation. I think it’s helpful just to be aware of your goals, and ask yourself on a regular basis – “Is what I’m doing taking me towards this goal?”

Happy swimming!

Picking up where we left off

24 Oct

Hey guys!

It’s 4am and the sleep just isn’t coming, and suddenly I thought it’s time to get back to my wordpress peeps!

First off a big apology for not posting in recent weeks! I think it’s just a matter that I’ve been incredibly busy now that I’m on the Cambridge Accellerator Program, but it’s no excuse.

This blog is important to me and the ultimate message I’m trying to communicate with everyone is similarly something I feel passionately about — that opportunity awaits everyone just round the corner- whether in the business world or other; how can you take the first steps.


So my work has now boiled down to three projects. I work on average, each week about 40 hours for LifePets – my game on mental well-being – I’m spending my time  developing the storyline of the game and the concepts involved – whilst carrying out businessy things like marketing, value propositions, building a network, etc. Beginning of next month I’ll be paying my game team to develop the prototype.

With BlueSkies – my wildlife conservation organisation I spend 5 – 10 hours a week – simply because I don’t have any extra time – it’s still going really well though. We’re currently forming partnerships with conservation organisations and vital networks in order to boost and diversify our membership base, we’ve been invited to conservation symposiums to give talks and focused workshops, and generally spreading out well – my team is doing really well also which is brilliant.

My third project, music, is also going well. I’m progressing really well in my abilities, and thoroughly enjoying the creative process – even though it does take up a great deal of my spare time!

So all in all things are going well – I barely have any down time, which I’m sure will have to change as time goes on – I’m working hard and progressing, and I’ll keep going with a bit of encouragement from my wordpress community 🙂

Alright back to bed Blueskies!! Thanks for listening all. I’ll be getting back into posting once each week so keep your eyes peeled here!

Happy progessing

Teams and communications, from stress to simplifying

30 Sep

Hey guys,

This post will be focussing on the main part of work I’ve been struggling with over the last week or two, and am starting to understand a bit better, with help from some very experienced and smart people.


So my challenge – learning to manage a team in a professional context whilst being responsible for the organisation’s overall progression and success.

Mainly I’m running two teams at the moment – one for BlueSkies collaboration, and one for LifePets.

I’m coming to realise the two largest problems I’ve been facing – 1) communicating exactly what I want to be achieved, and how I want it to be done.

2) Bringing the teams together to make everyone feel like this is something we’re all doing together.

I have to say first, in both teams I’m not yet paying anyone – either they’re there on a voluntary role, I’m offering equity, or still negotiating payments.

The two people I’ve gone to advice for in relation to these problems are Neil – my business mentor for social enterprises, and Hanadi – the Director of the Cambridge Accellerator Program. This is the main advice I got from both of them:

Have an open and honest conversation, and really listen to what the other person has to say.

Neil reccommended I talk to them about (what I should have done earlier, while recruiting) – ask them to describe a time/s in their lives – personal or professional – where they’ve felt truly in engaged in an activity they’re in. Ask them to describe in detail this feeling, and see if the position you want them to fill encompasses tasks where they will feel they can truly engage. If not, maybe they shouldn’t be in this role, and you can issue them more suitable responsibilities.

Hanadi advised me just to be completely open and honest with the rest of my team.



During my chat with Hanadi I was able to pinpoint that at the moment, when I ask people to get stuff done I feel like I’m asking those in my team to do me a favour. She reminded me that no matter what they’re doing, if it’s within the responsibilities that were agreed upon at the start for their role in a team then it’s no favour, I’m simply the one that is combining everyone’s skills and the commitments they’ve made to the project to make it successful.

So with these two bits of advice in mind I will be trying my best to be a better leader and Manager .. I’ll let you all know how that goes next week.


Now, for the music side of things!

Things are going really well – The new band I started (we’ve called it Full Measure) is going really well; we had our first gig [] and are having loads of fun together.

Funnily enough when I message these guys and tell them what needs to be done for rehearsals, gigs, etc they’re always replying quickly and constructively every time! – by far the best team I’m working with – I guess it’s because we’re all immersed in a complete passion project where we all feel good about what we’re doing whenever we’re doing it.

I’ve also been asked to join another band called Fourth Labyrinth ( so I’m excited to see what comes of that too! They’re already quite established and are looking to make music videos, and potentially do a tour in Germany in the future.

Anyway this is going to be quite a short post. I’m still gradually progressing with my projects, and will definitely not stop until I reach the pot o’ gold at the end. I’ve probably been working harder and more hours than I’ve ever done for any job before, but I’m also the happiest (if not a little stressed sometimes) doing the work I do. The fact that there’s no-one above me giving me answers to everything – what needs to be done, and how I need to do it – is a really great feeling!



Happy team building

Mini celebration time

24 Sep

Ceelebrate good times come on!


It’s been a hectic week here in no-money land, where stolen office supplies and sainsbury’s meal deals rule.

There has been some great progression in two of my projects – BlueSkies collaboration (conservation organisation) and LifePet (the game I’m making).

With LifePet I was recently invited to pitch for a place on the Cambridge Accellerator Program. As part of the Cambridge Judge Business school they offer early and pre – startup businesses that they believe have potential a great range of services if accepted onto the program: courses in entrepreneurship, weekly mentorship from successful entrepreneurs, potential funding, office space in the centre of the city, and if they really like you a modest salary for general upkeep .. all of this for nothing in return. No costs, no shares, loss of intellectual property – last Friday I pitched to the Director of the program alongside other people starting up ventures, and mine was successful!

So I guess this is another ‘level up’ moment.

[All my funding went on a purple balloon party]

This game I’m developing – LifePets – in basics is a game that is designed to educate and instruct people on mental well being (depression, anxiety, stress) through an avatar, or pet. I’ve been emailing and calling lots of specialists to arrange meetings. Yesterday I met up with the Director at the Cam Uni Well-Being Institute and she shared a lot of very helpful information and contacts with me. She also said she’d be happy to collaborate on this project in the future so that’s a definite thumbs up.


Now if you read my previous post you’ll know about my problem with my team – I’m offering them shares in the project, and not hard cash – so it’s very difficult to keep them focussed and motivated for the project.  Thanks to all of you who commented and messaged supporting ideas on how to continue towards success. I decided, like many of you said, to create a more defined vision of the project for the next few months, delegate all work to do be done with confidence, trust, and encouragement that this will all lead to rewards eventually. The designer created some images very quickly which was really great. We both really get on and he strongly believes in my vision .. but tends to not have much time for the project due to other work. The programmer replied just saying he has paid work at the moment so he’ll see what he can do, no reply from our mental health professional .. but hey some results are starting to pick up!

I recently went to a networking event at the St John’s Innovation centre, run by a woman called Ann Hawkins –
I’m a bit of  a skeptic of ‘networking’ but I knew I needed advice from people experienced in managing others so I thought I’d give it a shot. At first I was a bit wary, especially when a few of the people described their positions as ‘people developers’, or started going off on tangents about confidence, nlp, and energy fields. But once I had a cup of tea and a bacon sauny I met some really great people with very impressive experience. We all sat round and discussed what we use to get away from work and tend not to tell people about. There were the standard yacht escapaders, and golfers but even these guys were quite nice and cool. Mine was that I like to draw in the dark .. thinking back it might have been a bit creepy for an introduction to myself but oh well .. a couple of them even said they’d try it themselves.

At the end of the session we had one on one chats where we each had a problem, and the other person gave advice on how to solve it .. I got some great advice for the future and would reccommend these events to anyone! .. Ann was very generous to me as I am at the early stages of business, but sometimes these things can cost a bit so pick and choose your events wisely.

Now, as for BlueSkies – the good news – I now have two interns working for me – one Strategy and Administration Assistant (have her doing all social media, reports, and creating new ideas on reaching out to more organisations), and an Outreach and Support Officer (more involved in recruiting organisations, partners, grants, and providing to organisations follow up support once we’ve helped them).

For me this is a pretty huge step – now most of my time working on BlueSkies is spent delegating instead of doing the work myself. It’s a very funny feeling .. I kind of already miss getting my hands dirty and having to make everything work myself but this way everything should run more efficiently and effectively – I’ve just got to develop my managing skills now!

So yeh that’s it for now. The Autumn is coming in soon and this will be my real challenge. I become quite lethargic and lack motivation when it gets cold and there’s a lot less sunlight. But I’m already preparing – bought one of those SAD lights to keep my melatonin levels good, bought Vit D supplements, and signed me and my old man up to bikram yoga starting in November to keep me exercising.  I’m looking optimistically into the future and, well I’ll keep posting here so you can all follow how it’s going.

I’d just like remind you all (and myself) why I’m writing this blog. Aside from it helping me to track my progress, the predominant reason is to try to softly encourage you, the reader to think, even if just for one minute each week, about the possibilities for yourself. Is there a project/idea/service in your head you believe in, but lack a bit of the ol self belief to give it a go? Try it for just an hour or two a week – tell a few friends, attend a relevant event. Lack of time and money is no excuse!

Whatever you want to do, you can do it. If I can help get in touch and I’ll do my best.

Unless it’s bungee jumping you want help with .. I don’t like bungee jumping.

Happy progressing