Raising funds for the Rize start-up

8 Dec

Hi all!

It’s been a while….

So much has happened since I’ve last posted. I’m putting all of my focus, energy and time into continuing the app to improve people’s mental well-being: Rize.

I managed to raise a £3k grant to keep developing Rize onto V4, which will be available on iTunes app store next week, and I’m very, very excited to see what people think of this version! It’s got a lot of new additions, including three minute audios, workout functionalities, syncing activites with your calendar and notifications, and lots, lots more!

Right now I’m trying to raise £5k to pay for development onto Android and Tablet. For the last year I’ve had people asking me when, when, when will I provide Rize for android so that’s what I’m now focussing on doing. I spent a lot of time developing some strong promo and video material, and describing my personal and professional story in short on the website. I’ve gotten advice from my mentors on the best way to present my campaign, so I recommend you take a look to see what a nice, polished crowdfunding campaign looks like.


And if you think what I’m creating is a worthwhile cause please do contribute – you can invest as little as £10. And most importantly – share, share, share!!! I’ve dedicate 15 months of my life to the Rize app now. With your help we can make this something that can help people around the world.

Thank you all. I will post here again soon to let you know how the crowd funding is progressing.


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