Progressions and prospects

5 Mar







once again apologies are required for the delay in this post. I have written draft after draft over this last month, but unfortunately it’s always seemed to contain A lot of swear words and complaining… Too many maybe to post here and still seem at least semi professional. 

If you’ve been following this blog from the start then you’ll know this journey has already been going on for quite a while.

Although I feel like things are going slowly some pretTy great stuff has happened – I’ve got a prototype for my app made , a co-founder who’s a senior manager at jp Morgan and want to help make this idea a reality. And an existing therapy service have shown interest in using our app in their work and sharing the profits!


it can be really good writing this blog when I’m in the right mood. Now I can be reflective and realise progress is being made. The day to day problem is that I forget all this and ask myself what the hell am I doing still making no profit while all my friends are out there making more and living a life outside of work!!

my music is similarly going slowly, but my band ( Has just gotten into battle of the bands final and I’m still doing my acoustic gigs to stay afloat – you can see one of the posters I had done on here. 


Ive be has a lot of problems over the last month – prototype developers asking for more money , personal motivation, getting into a good flow with my cofounder, abd so much more. This isn’t an easy journey but I knew this is how it could be at the start, and now  said id be ready .. Now my bluffs just being called!




happy persevering!



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