Tools for a start-up – most useful post yet

27 Jan

Hey prospective innovation army!

I know I’ve been ranting recently about all the hard bloody things I’ve been having to work on .. even after all my whining there are still some of you left who are reading these things. So as a reward – this is probably my most useful post yet – some websites/services/tools I wish I knew about when I first started. Things you can use to help get through all these huge, confusing, and to be honest scary areas of a startup like market research, advertising, web presence, forming teams, negotiations, contracts, project management, legal, equity, blah, blagh, blahhhhh.

Here’s the back of an important looking young white professional infront of a load of bad drawings on a blackboard to help illustrate my point

Fig. 1 – the back of an important looking young white professional infront of a load of badly organised drawings on a blackboard to help illustrate my point

Keep in mind these are all tools for LEAN start-ups like myself – not those with 100’s of k’s to rent Richard Branson dressed as a woman to advertise it. (Btw these aren’t commissioned links below..just links I think are gooood for the money).


This is a website where you can get a number of services for just $5…..yup $5!!! So far I’ve gotten someone in London to design me a logo for MoodMap, a couple in Romania to make a 90 second promotional video, and some crazy American guy to shout about my music on his radio show for one minute – cost $15!! And you’d think the quality would be bad? Make sure you only go with ‘top sellers’ and you will get something good.

2) I just discovered this today. If you haven’t already gotten into a startup then this might not seem all that great, but I can assure you once you realise all the things that need doing this will be the most incredible tool to help you find the right places to get sh*t done           (click on the wizard’s hat)

Loads of info, but it’s all great


Want to see how well your competition are doing online, or how well your own is doing? Simply type in the web address and they’ll givr you the stats behind it


4b) Key word tools

Tbh I can’t find the one I used to use – but most tools are great like this – you want to find out how many people are searching on google a specific word or phras? Type in the word/phrase and the tool will tell you how often it’s been searched this month. e.g.

..obvs good if you’re running a website that gets lots of traffic – they put ads on your website, you get money. Simple


Try the free trial – A simple and user friendly way of project management – just started using it today but seems like it’ll be very useful indeed!

Alright, short and sweet. I hope some of you found it useful. I’m heading back into the woods now to find more profit!

Happy tooling!


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