Feeling at home – finding the right workspace

21 Jan

~Hey everyone,


Two posts in one week…I know, impressive!

I’ve decided to move back to my old office where I used to work. The guys here have been kind enough to keep a desk for me here because they missed me so much.
If you’ve read my recent posts you’ll know I’ve been a bit down – coming across many challenges – both external and internal.

Since I’ve moved back into this office – everyone’s a lot calmer, quiet, and focused – I’ve finally started getting back into the groove! I’ve gotten back into my old habit of writing out to do lists each day, prioritising them, and whatever’s left at the end of the day I leave to join tomorrow’s to do list. This is much better than before when I was taking work home with me every evening! I feel much more grounded, efficient, and back into a good routine.

So a very important thing to note – your environment has a HUGH effect on how productive, creative, and optimistic one can be.

I’ve realised for me to work well I need to be around people who I can talk with sometimes about problems, but aren’t always talking and making lots of noise, I do very well not working from home and having to exercise to get to the workspace and back at the end of the day, and also working somewhere where I’m not always feeling the pressure and can relax is important to me.


Working out the right environment to work in can take a while, but being aware of this can really help productivity. It’s definitely helped mine!

Find your right work space. Try new ones, but if they don’t work out always go back to the environment you feel you work best 😀

Happy nesting!


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