Talking about thin air

4 Dec

Apologies to everyone for the long delay in this post!!! I’ll try and make it a good one to make up for the lost weeks.

A lot of things have happened, some good, some not so good. I’ll share what’s being going on and what I’ve learned from it (Two VERY important lessons for people looking to start their own venture).


So I’m focusing pretty much solely on this app for helping people with depression/anxiety. I decided to change the name to MoodMap after getting a lot of feedback that LifePets sounded too childish, and this is getting a lot better reception from those I talk to about it.


Now one of the lessons – talking about it! – It’s been about three months since I’ve gotten onto the Cambridge Accelerator Program and have been working on the concept of MoodMaps full time. A lot of great things have progressed – i.e I’ve created a massive, full storyboard, requirements doc (document for a programmer describing click by click what the user can do on each screen), and half way through completing the script. For a normal game this would be hard, but for one that requires professional, grounded, well researched integration of therapeutic concepts and explanations it’s taken a lot of work and time to get this done. So I’m pretty damn proud of myself for that.

Don’t worry I’m getting to the lesson – I’ve created these documents, I’ve networked my bum off so now I have MindTech considering backing us, two mental health institutions with letters of intent to carry out clinical trials and/or focus groups, and a number of counselling services who would like to pilot the app for their patients. This is all great, but I haven’t got anything made yet – literally nothing.


Here’s why – putting together the right team is HARD! I had a programmer and designer and figured “right I have the right job titles in the team, now it’s going to work perfectly”. This is wrong. Finding the right team is hard and should take time and a lot of consideration for each team member’s personality, style, understanding of concept. I rushed in to grabbing whoever I could because I assumed if I like the people then their work would be great. Unfortunately that wasn’t so and I had to let one of them go almost straight after we started creating the prototype because all of their work was good, but wasn’t right for this product. Because I’m sinking my own money into this I have to be very careful and couldn’t keep paying them till they got it right.


So it’s still back to square one. I’m still talking about thin air. It’s incredibly frustrating, but a great learning curve. When I start the next venture, be it one year, two years, after doing market research the first thing I’m going to do is to get something made!!!



This month I’ll be focusing on just this so I’ll let you know how it goes in trying to re-construct the right team and get something made. I’ll also be looking for extra funding from grants, awards, and busking.


The two lessons here: Get the RIGHT TEAM, and MAKE SOMETHING!


Happy making 😀


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