Teams and communications, from stress to simplifying

30 Sep

Hey guys,

This post will be focussing on the main part of work I’ve been struggling with over the last week or two, and am starting to understand a bit better, with help from some very experienced and smart people.


So my challenge – learning to manage a team in a professional context whilst being responsible for the organisation’s overall progression and success.

Mainly I’m running two teams at the moment – one for BlueSkies collaboration, and one for LifePets.

I’m coming to realise the two largest problems I’ve been facing – 1) communicating exactly what I want to be achieved, and how I want it to be done.

2) Bringing the teams together to make everyone feel like this is something we’re all doing together.

I have to say first, in both teams I’m not yet paying anyone – either they’re there on a voluntary role, I’m offering equity, or still negotiating payments.

The two people I’ve gone to advice for in relation to these problems are Neil – my business mentor for social enterprises, and Hanadi – the Director of the Cambridge Accellerator Program. This is the main advice I got from both of them:

Have an open and honest conversation, and really listen to what the other person has to say.

Neil reccommended I talk to them about (what I should have done earlier, while recruiting) – ask them to describe a time/s in their lives – personal or professional – where they’ve felt truly in engaged in an activity they’re in. Ask them to describe in detail this feeling, and see if the position you want them to fill encompasses tasks where they will feel they can truly engage. If not, maybe they shouldn’t be in this role, and you can issue them more suitable responsibilities.

Hanadi advised me just to be completely open and honest with the rest of my team.



During my chat with Hanadi I was able to pinpoint that at the moment, when I ask people to get stuff done I feel like I’m asking those in my team to do me a favour. She reminded me that no matter what they’re doing, if it’s within the responsibilities that were agreed upon at the start for their role in a team then it’s no favour, I’m simply the one that is combining everyone’s skills and the commitments they’ve made to the project to make it successful.

So with these two bits of advice in mind I will be trying my best to be a better leader and Manager .. I’ll let you all know how that goes next week.


Now, for the music side of things!

Things are going really well – The new band I started (we’ve called it Full Measure) is going really well; we had our first gig [] and are having loads of fun together.

Funnily enough when I message these guys and tell them what needs to be done for rehearsals, gigs, etc they’re always replying quickly and constructively every time! – by far the best team I’m working with – I guess it’s because we’re all immersed in a complete passion project where we all feel good about what we’re doing whenever we’re doing it.

I’ve also been asked to join another band called Fourth Labyrinth ( so I’m excited to see what comes of that too! They’re already quite established and are looking to make music videos, and potentially do a tour in Germany in the future.

Anyway this is going to be quite a short post. I’m still gradually progressing with my projects, and will definitely not stop until I reach the pot o’ gold at the end. I’ve probably been working harder and more hours than I’ve ever done for any job before, but I’m also the happiest (if not a little stressed sometimes) doing the work I do. The fact that there’s no-one above me giving me answers to everything – what needs to be done, and how I need to do it – is a really great feeling!



Happy team building


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