Mini celebration time

24 Sep

Ceelebrate good times come on!


It’s been a hectic week here in no-money land, where stolen office supplies and sainsbury’s meal deals rule.

There has been some great progression in two of my projects – BlueSkies collaboration (conservation organisation) and LifePet (the game I’m making).

With LifePet I was recently invited to pitch for a place on the Cambridge Accellerator Program. As part of the Cambridge Judge Business school they offer early and pre – startup businesses that they believe have potential a great range of services if accepted onto the program: courses in entrepreneurship, weekly mentorship from successful entrepreneurs, potential funding, office space in the centre of the city, and if they really like you a modest salary for general upkeep .. all of this for nothing in return. No costs, no shares, loss of intellectual property – last Friday I pitched to the Director of the program alongside other people starting up ventures, and mine was successful!

So I guess this is another ‘level up’ moment.

[All my funding went on a purple balloon party]

This game I’m developing – LifePets – in basics is a game that is designed to educate and instruct people on mental well being (depression, anxiety, stress) through an avatar, or pet. I’ve been emailing and calling lots of specialists to arrange meetings. Yesterday I met up with the Director at the Cam Uni Well-Being Institute and she shared a lot of very helpful information and contacts with me. She also said she’d be happy to collaborate on this project in the future so that’s a definite thumbs up.


Now if you read my previous post you’ll know about my problem with my team – I’m offering them shares in the project, and not hard cash – so it’s very difficult to keep them focussed and motivated for the project.  Thanks to all of you who commented and messaged supporting ideas on how to continue towards success. I decided, like many of you said, to create a more defined vision of the project for the next few months, delegate all work to do be done with confidence, trust, and encouragement that this will all lead to rewards eventually. The designer created some images very quickly which was really great. We both really get on and he strongly believes in my vision .. but tends to not have much time for the project due to other work. The programmer replied just saying he has paid work at the moment so he’ll see what he can do, no reply from our mental health professional .. but hey some results are starting to pick up!

I recently went to a networking event at the St John’s Innovation centre, run by a woman called Ann Hawkins –
I’m a bit of  a skeptic of ‘networking’ but I knew I needed advice from people experienced in managing others so I thought I’d give it a shot. At first I was a bit wary, especially when a few of the people described their positions as ‘people developers’, or started going off on tangents about confidence, nlp, and energy fields. But once I had a cup of tea and a bacon sauny I met some really great people with very impressive experience. We all sat round and discussed what we use to get away from work and tend not to tell people about. There were the standard yacht escapaders, and golfers but even these guys were quite nice and cool. Mine was that I like to draw in the dark .. thinking back it might have been a bit creepy for an introduction to myself but oh well .. a couple of them even said they’d try it themselves.

At the end of the session we had one on one chats where we each had a problem, and the other person gave advice on how to solve it .. I got some great advice for the future and would reccommend these events to anyone! .. Ann was very generous to me as I am at the early stages of business, but sometimes these things can cost a bit so pick and choose your events wisely.

Now, as for BlueSkies – the good news – I now have two interns working for me – one Strategy and Administration Assistant (have her doing all social media, reports, and creating new ideas on reaching out to more organisations), and an Outreach and Support Officer (more involved in recruiting organisations, partners, grants, and providing to organisations follow up support once we’ve helped them).

For me this is a pretty huge step – now most of my time working on BlueSkies is spent delegating instead of doing the work myself. It’s a very funny feeling .. I kind of already miss getting my hands dirty and having to make everything work myself but this way everything should run more efficiently and effectively – I’ve just got to develop my managing skills now!

So yeh that’s it for now. The Autumn is coming in soon and this will be my real challenge. I become quite lethargic and lack motivation when it gets cold and there’s a lot less sunlight. But I’m already preparing – bought one of those SAD lights to keep my melatonin levels good, bought Vit D supplements, and signed me and my old man up to bikram yoga starting in November to keep me exercising.  I’m looking optimistically into the future and, well I’ll keep posting here so you can all follow how it’s going.

I’d just like remind you all (and myself) why I’m writing this blog. Aside from it helping me to track my progress, the predominant reason is to try to softly encourage you, the reader to think, even if just for one minute each week, about the possibilities for yourself. Is there a project/idea/service in your head you believe in, but lack a bit of the ol self belief to give it a go? Try it for just an hour or two a week – tell a few friends, attend a relevant event. Lack of time and money is no excuse!

Whatever you want to do, you can do it. If I can help get in touch and I’ll do my best.

Unless it’s bungee jumping you want help with .. I don’t like bungee jumping.

Happy progressing




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