My new project! Getting the ball rolling

27 Aug

Hey guys,

I’m stuck at home today all sick and whatnot so I thought it would be a great idea to unveil the newest project I have recently started working on:

Bam bada baaaaam!

‘Cambridge Success Stories’.

At least that’s the cheesy title I have for now. It plans to be a book that is composed of case studies of successful people that either started or are based in the Cambridge area.

There will be four sections for different kinds of monetised success: ‘Tech/biotech’, ‘Amazing ideas’, ‘Passion projects’, and ‘Inspirational stories’.

To give you some well known examples I’m trying to track down, and include Innocent Smoothies (, the Magic Wand Company (, and the Cambridge Satchel Company (, and Raspberry Pi ( to name a few.

There are a number of reasons why I have chosen to start this project – first of all it means I can do it by myself – no need to hire tech-people, get funding, or group meetings. It also helps in the mission of why I started writing this blog – to inspire people of my generation to consider the possibilities of them following their own ideas/aspirations instead of working for others. Another big added bonus is that I get to meet some exceptionally smart and talented people who I will not only get to learn a lot from first hand, but also have in my contacts for the future!

To start it off I’d like to introduce one of the first batch of ‘entrepreneurs’ I’ve interviewed exclusively for you guys. I won’t go to far into the story here, I’ll let you read the rest in the book 😉 : Without further ado – Anita Alli-Owe – the single mother who lost her job due to severe illness, faced homelessness and then climbed to the top, with the help of a hint of generosity and a mountain of persistence.


As described, after losing her job working at Stansted airport, and unable to claim benefits, with two children Anita was on the brink of facing homelessness when at the last minute her neighbours amazingly offered their seven bedroom house for her and her children while they stayed in their holiday home, whilst charging very basic rent.

Now instead of just accepting this large house and trying to uphold her family with benefits or other, Anita was determined to turn her life around despite all of her troubles. Using her contacts at Stansted airport she found pilots that were looking for rooms nearby while they weren’t flying, and sublet-ed the spare rooms, and found straight away there was a high demand for this service.

As soon as she had made enough, she rented another property nearby and did the same thing – ensuring the staff staying there were very satisfied with their accommodation. She never stopped progressing and developing with the feedback she got.

After her first year she had made £150k, and wasn’t going to stop there.

Now, almost ten years later Anita lives in Cambridge and continues to work freelance, in projects such as finding properties for VIPs coming from all round the world, looking to deal with ‘the woman who can make it happen’ for purchasing their new homes. In her spare time she provides support to young and vulnerable people in finding jobs and places to stay. She is dedicated to helping all of those around her by passing on her skills and experience to the next generation.

I can happily say this woman has determination, grit, and a certain flair you don’t find in a lot of people. It was a great experience for me to meet her and see first hand that with these kinds of qualities you can make a hell of a lot happen.

If you would like to see her work and keep up to date with what she’s doing check out her fb page –

She used her previous experience, contacts, and initiative in a make-or-break situation in her life.

What experience, contacts, and skills do you have that could make something happen right now? Msg me, comment here, or whatever with what you think and if you need a few more encouraging words to get you on the right tracks 🙂

Happy enterprising!


2 Responses to “My new project! Getting the ball rolling”

  1. sherrellcrow August 28, 2013 at 1:47 pm #

    Thanks so much! This is inspiring and absolutely awesome! Thanks for sharing these stories that give hope!! Sya with the stuff!!

    • blueskiesb September 13, 2013 at 1:34 pm #

      Thanks Sherrell 🙂 best of luck with your own efforts!

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