‘Leveling up’

20 Aug

Disclaimer: If you’re not in any way, shape or form a little bit geeky then this post my not be for you.

This week and last have been pretty tough times for work. I’m starting to get impatient with the projects and frequently losing sight of what it is I’m looking to achieve and the confidence that I’m going to get there.

At points like this it’s the time to sit back and reflect on all that I’ve achieved so far, and use that to help build my confidence that I will continue to  progress in my desired direction.

There’s something else I’ve noticed this week – when I come across new challenges and find I don’t have the skills to overcome them I get annoyed and ask myself “why don’t I already have these skills? I should be able to do this already!”, and I get angry at myself because I can’t already get things done first time.

What’s the magic answer??


Ding ding ding!! You’ve got it – – I’ve realised I might help to look at this journey just like one does a computer game. If you’ve ever played one of these confangled devices before you’ll know that the general jist of many games is you start up against relatively weak enemies, and throughout the game you have to make your character ‘stronger’ or ‘more skilled’, find it new weapons and items, and improve your own skills and strategies as a player, in order to progress through the game and beat the real tough guys.

I’ve found it’s a much better way to think like this whenever you come up against a new challenge. i.e once I accomplish this then I’ll have ‘leveled up’ – I’ll have gained a new skill and experience – I’ll be stronger for the future. If you continue to do this  day in day out then eventually you’ll be defeating bosses left, right and centre ! – instead of each time facing challenges and getting frustrated and downhearted, not seeing the opportunity in each one of these.

So this week let’s all roll up our pantaloons and ask ourselves what are our biggest challenges we face in getting to whatever we aspire? If we faced these challenges how will we get stronger from it? Do I need to eat a special mushroom that will make me stronger to do it?…..(not recommended).

Anyway, this week I’m going to have to stay afloat with raw belief that things are continuing on the up. Each day I can see I’m progressing the projects bit by bit but because almost all of them aren’t yet making money, it can be demoralising after a while. Slow times in the BlueSkies household. Oh well, I’ll keep at it!

Happy leveling up!


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