Filling time and creating results

24 Jul

Hey all,

Song of the day:

Let’s get hype!

I thought I’d write a short post mid-week about the work I’ve done so far, and what new things have come to mind in the learning process.


This week I’ve had a very mixed assortment of feelings about what I’ve done and what I’ve accomplished.


So far this week I’ve created the next event for BlueSkies, advertised it, and grown the online following so that not only will we have a healthy attendance at the event, but it will be talked about in other countries, and encourage others to participate online.


For the game I’ve recruited a very talented programmer, a mental health professional, willing to work for shares in the profit, and set up a meeting for my team of four (including myself and the desginer) to discuss how we will make the V1 of our product. I’ve had the designer create sketches of the characters and some of the basic menu/maps screens.


For the music I’ve started a new trio band in Cambridge – we’ve only had three rehearsals and we already have a ten song set list, and are composing more every week! In terms of acoustic gigs things have been slow for me admittedly. Now that I’ve called the main majority of pubs and bars in the areas and sent those initial emails with my music, I’ve started calling a few for the second time to see if they liked the music and if they’d like to book me.

The few I called gave an annoyed response “not yet, we’ll call you” – so I’ve been kind of discouraged from continuing the follow ups. But thinking about it now .. it might annoy someone for a few seconds, but also there’s a chance that 10% of the venues just forgot to respond to my email… So I’ll call some more today and power throught till I find the positive responses..thanks blog!


In the back of my mind I feel that I’ve acheived things this week and I’m happy with what I’ve got done. BUT, at the same time I feel like I haven’t done much work. Yesterday I was in the office at 3pm with absolutely nothing to do, feeling a bit lost. So I procrastinated for another two hours before I felt like I was ‘allowed’ to go home.

The important point here is that there’s a slight but very important difference between focussing on how much work I’ve done, and what I’ve acheived in a day, week, month, hot tub.

When I focus on filling time and making sure I’ve ‘worked hard enough’ I fill my time with efforts not focussed on moving directly towards my aim but towards making sure I feel content with my efforts. It’s time to shift that towards making sure I’ve acheived my aims or moved towards my goals as effectively as possible. Whether this takes me 5 mins or 5 months, and regardless if it’s in a hot tub, it makes no difference. As long as I’m getting the results efficiently and substantially does it matter if I’ve worked hard for it or not?

I think it’s a good idea to be aware that many of us have been brought up on – “work hard everyday, and only then will you reap the rewards” – always act the ant, and never the grasshopper (If you haven’t read the story of the ant and the grasshopper see here –
. But I say why not compromise and incorporate both – act the ant and make sure you’re getting the work done but have fun! I’m a fan of ‘work smart’ instead of ‘work hard’. I’d personally rather work in n atmosphere of acheivements than that of judging the effort. You don’t get many rewards because you ‘deserve it’…but you do get rewards for getting get the rewards!


So that’s my idea for the day – get rewards by getting rewards, not working towards deserving rewards.

Happy grass-hopping!


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