A week of semi-work…

19 Jul

Hello self-supportive enthusiasts!

I’m currently sitting in the cafe of the Science Museum in London after taking a nice look around the place – filled with innovation throughout the ages!


I’m afraid this week I do not feel like a hero of the innovation world! I’ve been relatively stand offish from work this week, mainly because I’m inbetween a feeling that none of what I do in my ‘work’ actually matters or makes difference, and my projects don’t seem to be going anywhere.


The main thing that I’ve become aware of this week is the fact that in trying to manage my own projects I don’t have anyone above me giving out rewards or praises when work gets done, and there’s no-one to give me a shove when goals aren’t being met.

This is where I believe it’s important for two things generally in  an effective, start-up project

– incremental goals being met, and the ability to holistically feel good about your acheivements as you go through.

– passion for what you’re working towards. If you’re working towards a goal that simply doesn’t connect with your deep passions, the less satisfying the feeling you will gain from the experience. I’m not saying you have to be super-passionate about every venture – but it does help.


Here’s a good exercise you might like to try –  Imagine working towards something that is deep down something that is important to you, even if you’ve never described it to anyone else (music, being a doctor, working in science, writing a screenplay, etc). Now imagine actually taking a plunge and going for it..now take a step further and imagine the feeling you would get as you see yourself moving closer towards achieving whatever it is your passion draws you too. I don’t know about you but I like that feeling, and I want more of it! That’s why I believe having passion in your work might help.


Along with this, as I’ve seen this week, it is a great thing to have the wisdom to acknowledge that sometimes you simply will have times when goals aren’t met and there will be very little progression at these periods of your work. When this comes along, it’s time to celebrate everything you have done, and the efforts you’ve made, and then work out how you’re going to reach your next bench mark after that.


Right, so that’s a great speech…but what have I done that would make anyone take notice of what I’ve just said and take it as advice.

As I’ve said I haven’t done much. I decided to take up Kung Fu classes to help improve my focus and my confidence, and this week was their summer camp which I attended and really enjoyed. There were a few teachings expressed which I’m still cogetating on, and hopefully will be able to translate into the working world for my next post.

I’ve focused on two of my projects this week – Social project (BlueSkies), and Personal project (Music) – If this means nothing to you then check out my ‘about’ page.


With BlueSkies I’ve made a few progressions – I completed my second event report and sent it to our partnered organisation CODEFUND in Nepal. I received an email thanking us, describing how helpful our work was to them and permission to use their badge on my website in a list of organisations we’ve helped around the world.

I’m going to try and take BlueSkies to more of an online community, as I believe it will be a lot more effective this way. I’m piloting this by starting a linkedin group and seeing if the discussions are at all fruitful. If you’d like to be a part please search “BlueSkies collaboration” into linkedin and join up!


As for the music we’ve had some incredible progress! I’ve started a new band in Cambridge – a trio, focusing on jimi hendrix/john mayer trio/buckcherry type feel. This week I’ve spent a lot of time learning the songs and composing a couple, and practising the hell out of them. We had a rehearsal last night and we’re already, after just a few attempts smashing songs like Black Dog – Led Zepplin!!

I’ve also received emails to provide guitar tuition, so this will be able to keep me paying rent, and for my guilty-pleasure trips to science museums!

So for me this has been a slow week, but not without acheivements. I haven’t gone backwards, even though sometimes I’ve felt low and unmotivated when I don’t see tangible results, or receive encouragement from a managerial-type figure. To avoid this in the future I’m going to write down exactly what I want to have done within a month, break these up into weekly targets and then make sure to reach them. I’ll post these goals next week so that you guys can see for yourselves if this talker is able to keep on achieving.




And remember – “Blues ain’t nothing but a good man feeling bad” – if anyone else is feeling this kind of struggle keep your chin up and give yourself some positive feelings for whatever you have managed to get done..it’s better than nothing..and definitely better than giving up!


Happy persevering!


p.s. I felt I should add in an interested science museum fact so here it is!!!

– The Nasmyth Steam Hammer – a tool for shaping large pieces of wrought iron was devised by James Nasmyth. The lesson here people — always name inventions after yourself.




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