Boredom, Frustration, and Innovation!

11 Jul



I’m now officially self-employed!!…I think so anyway if I understand HMRC correctly.


I’ll be going over three things here – Sorting out the tax man (Boredom), working with people and money at the same time (frustration), and the beauty of evolving projects (innovation!)

I talked to my business mentor (gov.-provided by Business First) and he’s told me that now that I’ve started my own enterprise, the tax man will be on my trail. Turns out I have to pay a bit extra on my NI because I have to pay for my own pension.

I thought there’d be lots of crap to go over with HMRC (tax man), and I’d have to take an accounting course and learn how to do more than just type things into excel. Fortunaltey/unfortunately there isn’t really any money coming in or going out of BlueSkies collaboration (social project), therefore my organisation is ‘financially dormant’ so there’s not much I have to keep track of. I called HMRC and sent a letter to my local HMRC office to tell them about this so that everything’s cleared. When I start making money things will get more complex, but for now that’s all I’ve had to do.
Another boring thing I’ve had to do is working out how to use gmail properly; creating folders, redirecting systems, newsletters (check out ‘mail chimp’ for this service. It’s pretty easy to use – As many of us know —-




                                     Boredom = Facebook + Youtube / Tea breaks


I’ll put my hands straight up in the air and admit I could have done more this week. I’ve been focussing a lot on my music project (see ‘About’ page) and so constantly going to youtube, and then fb chatting with other people to see what they think of the songs!

I’ve been feeling very frustrated because the projects I’m working on (except the music) bring in absolutely £0 income, which not only worries me as my coveted savings trickle away, but it makes me wonder if all of this is worth it…..

And then I have a twenty minute lie in in the morning, go for walks during the day when I need to clear my head, organise all meetings to suit me, book spontaneous cheap holidays, think to myself in the evenings “sweet I wonder what I’m going to acheive tomorrow” and I think … bloody too right it is!


So, this week I’ve been working through a number of my projects with different teams of people. I’m finding one thing more and more, and that is working with people is hard! Trying to keep everyone going forwards, happy and content, and on the same level isn’t easy.

I’m finding a lot that I’m someone who doesn’t like too much aggrovation around them. I like everyone to be happy in a group. This has it’s pro’s and con’s. It’s good in that I tend to get on well with people, I get the respect and trust that goes hand in hand with being respectful and thoughtful myself, and keeping people happy often improves how effectively and efficiently a project goes forward.

There are con’s that come with this however – In order to be a leader of a team you sometimes have to be fearless of allowing aggravation to rise sometimes, instead of trying to extinguish is as soon as possible because it creates an uncomfortable feeling. Sometimes it’s beneficial to put your foot down, sometimes it helps when people know you are willing to get pissed off so they know their limits, and other times you just have to be able to get your point across assertively and confidently, and be confident to repeat it when needed sometimes even if it doesn’t make other people happy.

I’ll give you an example of a big problem I face: talking to people about money! For the app I had a meeting with the developer/programmer. Now I’ve tried to set up agreements for shares, etc, but he would like to do things with a shake of the hand. Although at the start this is all good, when it starts getting to IP, one member thinking they suddenly deserve more money, or want to sell their shares, I’ve been told numerous times that this leads to much messier times later on.

For the game project I’m working on in another team I want to split profits down the line so that everyone’s happy, but an owner of a different company once told me that I shouldn’t give more than 2% for each person, and just pay them base rate “If you make £1mil. and have offered your programmer 25% of the company…you’re paying £250,000 for a programmer”. Similarly I met a man of about 28 recently who made his millions in Silicon Valley. He created something for emails that provided info, linkedin profile’s etc of contacts..or something like that(My memory’s a bit hazy). He absolutely swore by splitting things equally in order to create the best, success-focussed teams..and well he’s made millions so obviously someone worth listening to on the subject of making money.

For now I’ve decided to try and keep things this way. For the app I’m going to split things 50/50. He’s told me I need to pay half of the money to pay for him to register as a desginer. I said I’d think about it but for me that seems a step too far, as it’s his responsibility as the designer. So I’m going to suck it up, stand up for what I want and just say ‘no’. With the game, because the original idea is 100% my own, and I’ve done the recruitment work and will be running the whole shabang I’ll be taking 12% slice off the top and then we all split things evenly. Obviously I have to still communicate this with them all and see what they all decide..might have to be some negotiations, etc. Anyone has any comments on the concept of shares, etc please feel free to comment 🙂

It’s all good saying these things here but, like I said I find it tough talking, either face to face or on the phone about money, or anything serious to that matter. Don’t get me wrong I am a BOSS at writing emails, texts and postal letters like an assertive mutha .. I could e-slap Bill Crosby with a wet fish.. I wouldn’t even bat an eyelid. But talking real time about things that are important is something I’ve always wanted to be better at.

And this is the thing I love about what this work does for me. This awkwardness I have in my life in talking about serious matters, and standing up for what I want/don’t want (in this example – money), is something that I could do without so much. In order to progress in this ‘career’ I’ve chosen I’ll work through these problems in order to be successful. And as I lovely bi-product I’ll become a better man for this. I won’t have a certificate for it, or much to say in an interview..but I’ll have a damn lot more to use day to day in being the person I enjoy being. This journey of following one’s own way to make money in a way pushes a person to face up to all aspects of themselves. You don’t have a manager to look after your interest and give you a fair slice of the meat (or carrot if you’re a vegetarian) so you’ve got to learn the full process of how to hunt (forage). This process I believe is a great way to develop as a pretty effective individual.


Please excuse the terms – hunt, assertive, and effective.

This is not is not the lastest copy of mens health This is not is not the lastest copy of mens health
This is not is not the lastest copy of mens health
This is not is not the lastest copy of mens health
This is not is not the lastest copy of mens health



I guess what I’m saying is yeh I’m not trying to preach. I’m a big believer in a kind of saying I thought up whilst I was doing my Bsc There are always patterns, but not rules (any mathematicians or physicists keep your comments to yourselves!). I want to remind people these pieces I write aren’t manuals, they’re a window for people to see a few realities faced when someone takes steps to create their own way of making a living outside of having a ‘boss’..that’s it 🙂


My final point is innovation.

This week my ideas have evolved as time has gone by and it’s really thanks to talking to other people about them and being as open as possible and truthful about the projects, and being open to their critisism and ideas:

BlueSkies collaboration – we are piloting trying to add an aspect of online support in the form of a conservation ‘hub’ after a long discussion with my mentor, using Linkedin to test it. Anyone interested in conservation please join and get connecting 🙂 –

Game project – I met with a mental health professional. We discussed the use of lots of therapeutic, light exercises that can be added to the game, and we developed new ideas on how to inform people through the game on how they can connect and find further assistance in understanding and helping with any depression or anxiety they’re experiencing.

Music project – I have started a new band to focus more on rock/classic rock (jimi hendrix, john mayer trio, buckcherry). Doing something I really love like this gives me a lot of energy and happiness for the whole week, which I can direct into the rest of my work…so long as I’m not getting too distracted by it.


So that’s it for now. People are viewing this from all round the world now and sending awesome messages/comments. As always, every single one is appreciated.


Happy confidising! 😀




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