Ride the waves

19 Jun

It’s another week and I’ve gotten a lot done, and am very happy about the progress that’s come about (readers will have to wait till Friday for my log of what I achieved this week).

Something I’ve been aware of over the last week, and this one is my moods; my efficiency, confidence, and belief in what I’m doing. One second I’ll be slumped in my chair cogitating (my new smart-person word!) over all of my past failures in all parts of my life, and spending my precious time feeling bad about one thing or another, professional or personal.

When we all get in our moods it seems like there’s sometimes the natural pattern of brooding over things. It’s like a guilty pleasure. Sometimes it’s just a sneaky few minutes of feeling hard done and we can choose to ignore it and swat it away like a fly., At other times it’s not as easy as that, as our moods go down and we can’t find a way to pick it back up in the moment.

These are the times, regardless of the cause of the turn to this mood, when we are most likely going to want to give up on our projects. It’s a pretty sensitive time when going in for a new venture, especially if there’s risk involved and little security behind you (happens quite a lot in this business!). In these times we can look at it all more like a sandcastle that we want to kick down because we’re pissed off. I think it’s important, those of us who go through this sometimes, just to be aware of this.

When we feel this way, why don’t we just allow that feeling to be inside of us (easier said than done) – just because we’re in a mood, it doesn’t mean we need to act on it in a non-constructive way. We might be less efficient that day, less creative, less outgoing if we’re trying to recruit a new team, sell our product to new companies, people, etc. It doesn’t matter. This links into one of my earlier posts: progression. Even if you’re out of steam, you have the blues, or whatever take the positive steps that you can now with what you have, don’t walk away or give up because of these times.

Now here’s the uplifting part!

We all have these down times, BUT let’s celebrate the something else; twice this week I’ve had days where I’ve felt really energised. I’ve felt creative, positive, proactive, and can see the potential there is ahead of me for greatness. When I felt this inside of me I made sure I worked hard, took a few risks, and did a lot of things I wouldn’t think of doing when I’ve got the blues.

In short I’m learning to ride the waves. If you’ve ever been surfing before you’ll understand a bit better what I’m talking about…If not, then try surfing :D. There will always be a range of feelings. Sometimes it’ll be crazy out there and you’ll get knocked around, thrown under the water, gasping for air. Sometimes everything will be calm and still. Sometimes – here comes the really good part again – there’ll be an amazing wave where you just feel energised and proactive. When these times come be sure to encourage yourself to ride these waves to the full extent, and keep riding it till you’ve got things done, or get hungry, whichever comes first. I’m learning that when those waves come I take advantage of it, and enjoy it for all it can do!

So, it may be a good idea to be aware of your different moods especially during the time you’re trying to start your projects, develop and strengthen them. Some times it will be tough but don’t waste too much energy frantically swimming against the currents. And be patient – sometimes you’ve got to keep working without those waves, but when they do come, jump up on your board and ride it for all it’s worth!

I’ll be posting at the end of the week what I’ve got done. As always the comments and messages are great so thank you.

Best of luck to everyone!

Re-reading what I’ve posted, I notice I haven’t really talked about anything substantial…hope  I’m not talking out of my own ass here. If so apologies, I’ll be writing a bit more practically in my next posts.


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