What do I do all day?

11 Jun

Today has been my first day of doing my own work!! It’s scary…and there’s been a lot of time for youtube and tea breaks.


So what have I done?..the most important question. First thing I did was take a couple of deep breaths before I came in this morning. There’s nothing really important today except the strange feeling that comes with the knowledge that at any second it’ll can be pretty easy to give up, try to find a job, and treat this whole thing like I did with learning the steel pans (RIP learning pans, Jun 1996). The remedy to this, I believe will be taking each day as it comes and taking each time I stumble as an opportunity to learn how to get back up.

I’m lucky because my old workplace has allowed me to stay at the desk I was using before I finished my contract. This is pretty important; it means I can still retain the structure of going somewhere 9 – 5, that isn’t a public library or a cafe, or my sofa. Maybe down the line I can keep a less rigid 9 – 5 feel but for now I think the structure will keep me on the right way.

For the four projects I’m currently focussing on (see page ‘my projects’ to see what they are) I’ve decided to focus on two today, and the other two tomorrow. Today I’ve gone for the Social project (wildlife conservation organisation) and Personal project (my music).

Both have been great. I emailed the alumni department of my University. Turns out that they offer £800 for alumni to start social enterprises/charities, so I’ve got in touch and that looks bright for the next few weeks to fund the up and coming events I will hold. I’m also almost done with the website for the Social project.

For the music I’ve been following up with producers in Cambridge trying to get my demo recorded..but unfortunately I’ll have to wait in line for this..so in the meantime I’ve written up a list of potential pub/club/venue gigs I can do around the city and will start contacting them to see if they want me to play there. I’ve also been emailing all the radio stations to see if I can do a few live songs and get my name out there..so – check out BBC Cambridge radio at 8.30pm this coming Sunday, and Cambridge 105 next Monday at 5.30pm :D.

That’s the bulk of what I’ve done. I wrote a list of things to do this morning and there are always going to be ones on there you’re not going to want to do. My way around it is to do one of the uncomfortable ones straight off the bat..always gets the ball rolling, and don’t force yourself to do all the tough ones at the same time. For example I don’t like dealing with website construction jargon, and really don’t like talking about money over the phone.


This morning first thing I did was call a woman who wanted to book my band in for a gig, and discussed how much we charged and she said she’ll get back to us. TICK.

Then I spent an hour doing the easier stuff like emailing, sending off forms for the Social project, emailing radio stations, etc. Then after a nice break I went on to do the website content..double TICK.

What I’ve learned from today is about distribution of getting the work done. It’s pretty overwhelming to think about what I’m going to have to achieve to make this whole ‘I’m going to be my own boss’ thing work, but if I write a list of what I can do today, and then spread it..the good mixed with the bad, throughout the day then by 5pm I’ll have done more than I had at 9am.

Happy enterprising!





p.s. I’ve gotten a number of messages asking what sorts of books I read to help me learn, inspire me etc. I have to say I’m not a great fan of coaching books, or those on how to interact with people, be assertive, or anything that creates the idea that just by reading the book you will become the person you want to be. I once bought two books like this – one on motivation, and one on being a successful business man. I read the blurb on the back of both books (should have done this before I bought them really) and they seemed a little forced, fake, and hard to connect with..what a great man once described as ‘google knowledge’.

If you want to learn about yourself, interactions, etc, and if you are able to – get out there and experience them first hand, this is the best way to learn. If you have difficulties however with confidence, low self-esteem and things like that then take even smaller steps and surround yourself with people who are going to support you on your path.

SO – I don’t really have recommendations for teaching you how to be a successful anything. I’m a big fan of books that simply provide you with detailed case studies of similar people and how they became successful – for this I’d recommend:

The $100 start-up (Chris Guillebeau)

Prepare to become a millionaire (Spinks-Burleson)


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