Here we go (pep talk!)

3 Jun




Today is the last day of full-time work here in Cambridge. If you’ve been reading previous posts then you’ll see that this means I’ll be entering into a new world where I will be creating my own projects and making a living my own way from now on.

As expected, this past week I’ve had the same feeling I’ve always had the week before going away from the UK for extended periods of time for work, study, or travelling. I don’t know what’s going to be coming next and I’ll be pretty nervous to get it started.

One of the funniest things I’ve found recently is when friends tell me they’ve read these posts, picking it up from fb, I find myself pretty embarrassed and not really wanting to talk in depth about it, mainly because if I big it up then it will be more pronounced if I were to fail. I think this embarressment and fear is something we all have inside us, but if this inspires anyone to follow something they want to do then none of this can ever be called a complete it’s all good:)

I’m headed to the post office in ten minutes to send in all the documentation and fees for starting up the social enterprise ‘BlueSkies collaboration’ (IN01 form and £40 startup fee), the game and app projects I have meetings booked in with the programmers and designers next week to get our prototypes made so we can keep momentum going. The music is starting to get some great traction; we’re booking in more and more gigs with the band and for my own acoustic stuff, being asked to come on local radio stations, and generally developing my name out there.


I’m still pretty nervous even though I’ve set up the foundations of these projects so I already had some momentum.


..I think we all need a pep talk…



Tomorrow I’ll be headed to Leeds University. I’ve been invited to give a talk to the undergrads about making your own things happen after graduation, so I’m looking forward to passing along the dream to a big bunch of them then I will be taking a well deserved half week off before I get my teeth into my projects…FULL TIME.



This last week I’ve gotten lots of messages and comments from people round the world giving thanks or offering support to this adventure ahead. To all of you reading and responding in whatever way you like – thank you!

See you all in a week:)


2 Responses to “Here we go (pep talk!)”

  1. Amy Logan June 4, 2013 at 8:36 am #

    Haha I first read this on my email. I couldn’t see the videos or picture, I was going to send you a link to kid president’s pep talk hehe. Good Luck! You’ll be awesome. Looking forward to reading your progress!

    • blueskiesb June 11, 2013 at 11:49 am #

      haha brilliant..he does do great work! Thanks for the support:)

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