This week’s progress

24 May

Coming up to the last two week of full time employment I’m finding myself looking forward to having more time to focus on my projects. This week has been a slow one due mainly to work, but I’ve managed to focus on doing what I can when I can without trying to do something just for the sake of it.

Anyway enough preamble. This is what I’ve managed to achieve in the past week:

BlueSkies collaboration –

  • Meeting with Neil Prem – Enterprise coach. Gave me some solid advice on what to do after my first event. Make sure I don’t lose momentum, continue to communicate my vision to others, see who’s interested in becoming a part of it, and get the word going about the next event.
  • I’ve almost got the website ready now. Have bought the domain name, and now working out how to get the website files from my laptop onto the server. I’m definitely not a tech person and this small molehill has actually delayed the website for months. At some point, once I master them myself I’ll talk about what I do to stand back up after tripping over these things!

    Game Project:

  • Almost no progression here. I’ve been accepted for an 8k low interest government loan and a mentor to help with the development and production. When you actually sit back and if I spend this money I’ll actually be 8k in debt…plus interest…things start to feel pretty real. I’ve put off signing the contract until Monday. But I’m excited to do this..once I sign that it’s another stake in the ground to stop me from turning back.

App project:

  • After three weeks away from this I met up with the programmer and we had a three hour meeting, drawing out and starting to create the foundations for the app. We also spent an hour discussing how we plan to generate a profit from this app. Generally there are three ways: Sale of apps, advertisement, and data. We decided that the best way is to provide it as a free app to ensure we get a healthy amount of downloads, make our monthly ‘rent’-profits from advertisments and then offer a premium service on the app that costs extra. I will be describing the app in further detail down the line once it’s coming up to publishing it.

Music (personal project):

  • For my own acoustic music I’ve been performing at open mics, pubs, shopping centres, anywhere I can start generating interest and get my name slowly spreading around Cambridge. I even had another band ask, after seeing me jamming with some of the band members at a pub, if I’d audition to be their singer; which I’ll be doing next week.
  • I met with a very talented producer who’s agreed to work with me on making my first album. Once this is done it means I can send this out to larger venues, etc and start generating an income.
  • I’ve emailed all local radio stations and some pubs that I know pay for acoustic singers to perform. So far I’ve had one station ask for mp3s so they can start playing it, and one offer of a paid gig at the Flying Pig, Cambridge (25th June) –
  • In the band I’m in I’m learning a lot about working in a team. There’s been many ups and downs and this, if there is an afterschool message embedded in this piece, is the most important point I’ve learned this week – if things start to get personal within a team it is a very valuable thing to be able to prioritise it in context of the project you’re working on. If the project is more important than the personal issues then put the project first and deal with the other problems to one side. Not an easy thing but an incredibly valuable skill that has been put to use in our team and I’m sure will produce much better results.

    So this week not the most substanital progress but as I said this blog will be honest and not sugarcoated. It is tough trying to get things done when you’re doing 40+ a week and tutoring in the evenings but I’m still managing to get some things done.Like I said in an earlier post it’s about progression and I’m a few steps closer along the path I want to be on than I was seven days ago.

    As always the comments and emails are great. Keep them coming.
    Happy adventuring!


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