This blog is about new beginnings – a step to a new success. My name is BlueSkies, 24, working in Cambridge as a Scientist in applied physics. Come March my contract will have finished and I’ll once again be joining a pool of people not receiving an income because they can’t find suitable work.

I’ve been working since I was 15 – done my rounds of jobs that haven’t exactly been inspiring, but put money in my pocket for living, travelling, panic buying groceries, etc. I’ve been everything from a janitor, hot dog vendor, bboy, orangutan release worker, punt tour guide..the number of jobs I’ve had would be around 15 also. This isn’t because I keep getting fired, but I get restless pretty easily and I love exploring new things, places, whatever it is.

Since being back in Cambridge, a year after graduating from Zoology I’ve hit a brick wall. I’ve found so much frustration in tailoring who I say I am to fit a job description, looking for work on gumtree that doesn’t involve a webcam, and basically having people tell me what I’ve got to do.

Don’t get me wrong I believe as much as the next person the predominant purpose of a job is to provide a service in order to receive something in return (usually money), but during this year I’m finding myself increasingly passionate and excited about the idea of looking at my own ideas seriously and seeing if I can make them a reality – dive away from the safety of the paycheck and see what niches I can find in the world I can provide services/products to pay my way thusly. No more CVs, fake interviews, stress on finding something I can fit into, a career I can bear to compromise myself for. I’m going to live this life the way it should be – with freedom of creativity – I’m a lucky man to live in a country and economy that can allow for this, and I’m going to take full advantage..

I’m going to be a boss!

This blog is being created for a number of purposes – I’ve seen a lot of friends write blogs about travelling around the world etc, but this is the journey I would like to share with others. I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to be hearing new things, seeing new things, meeting a lot of interesting people, and learning a whole lot of stuff. I’d like to share this with those who are interested in a ‘work’ lifestyle I’ve described; for anyone intrigued in the same idea of creating their own projects. I’ll do my best to share the truth of the ups and downs experienced, and all the realities of day to day life doing this.

I’d like to share this to help stretch other people’s comfort zones. I’ve always found if I see someone doing something first, I’ll much more happily sheep along the same path, instead of blindly walking into many a muddy patch.

Also this being where I advertise what I’m doing it gives me a chance to big up any of my own stuff and you guys will want to come and help, talk about, or even trade in your wordpress points for my products.

Any comments, thoughts, or poetry concerning ideas for marketing thinsulate lofers – make your mark here.


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